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We are the first intelligent job brokerage platform that is geared both to the needs of the employers and to the employees.

The labour market and the demands are always in a constant state of change: this means that increasingly professional experience and soft skills are playing an increasingly important role.


It's very simple. Pretty much everything.

Telantes provides high quality applicants

Telantes uses hard and soft skills to filter candidates, which saves time and effort by reducing the number of less qualified applications. We report the match rate to you as as a percentage.

Telantes saves time and money

The intelligent, automated preselection ensures the best matches by per cent. This means that less suitable candidates can be set aside early on. Evaluating hard and soft skills with pre-interviews helps to create good overall impressions about candidates before the actual interview.

Additional automated pre-interview with applicants

Telantes can add your specific questions to a questionnaire sent to potential candidates as part of the job ad. This refines the assessment of the candidate's suitability.

Individual top ten lists of applicants anywhere & anytime on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Telantes takes the information thus acquired and uses an intelligent matching algorithm to create a top ten list of the best applicants for your specific position.

Directly contact with Telantes with just one click

Direkter Kontakt vom Unternehmen zum Bewerber - mit nur einem Klick, ohne dritte Jobvermittler. Es werden nur Unternehmen mit eigenen Jobausschreibungen zugelassen.


Directly contact applicants with just one click, without having to go through a headhunter. Only companies posting their own job ads are allowed.

Find your future employees easier than ever before. We help you find the right candidates for you. Here you can get an overview of our products.

Job advertisement
Publish your ads online directly, and without time delay.
Thanks to our sophisticated matching algorithm, you save time and money.
Talent search
Quickly find the ideal employee.Particularly suitable for candidates with high potential, experts and candidates with special abilities.
Company Profile
Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to your future employees.The company profile guarantees a deeper insight into your company.
Logo on the start page
With your logo on the homepage, you increase your reach and are visible to even more applicants.
Profile on the start page
With your logo on the homepage, you increase your reach and are visible to even more applicants.
We are geared to both, the needs of the employers and employees
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